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Hettich Farms sells top quality grass hay rolls that are suitable for horses and cattle. Our hay is fully cured and quality checked to be sure it's the very best product possible. We will not sell a single roll of hay that we wouldn't feed our own valued horses and cattle. Delivery may be available.

We look forward to fulfilling your hay needs. Baling brgins the last part of April or first of May each year, weather permitting.

We sell hay in the field and from the barn

Rye Grass Mix 850-950 lbs. 4x5 Roll Net
Coastal Bermuda Mix 850-900 lbs. 4x5 Roll Poly twine
Bahiai & Coastal mix 850-950 lbs. 4 x 5 Roll Poly twine
Prairie Grass Mix 850-950 lbs. 4 x 5 Roll Poly twine
Bahiai 850-950 lbs. 4 x 5 Roll Poly twine
Bahiai Mix 1,100-1,200 lbs. 4 x 6 Roll Poly twine

Hay In The Dry / In The Barn

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Hay Rings For Sale

Did you know that livestock can waste more than 50% of a roll of hay that is not contained in a ring or other device?  If you feed 14 rolls of hay this year without a hay ring you have lost enough hay to have pay for our hay ring, (based on $25.00 per roll at 50% loss  of  hay).

3 - piece HEAVY DUTY S BAR hay ring. 8' diameter round tubular steel 16
gauge horizontal rails 18 gauge S bar 1&3/4 O.D,  with loop leg.  Weight 112 lbs

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The left image displays the hay probe, which is inserted into the center of the roll of hay.  Probing insures that the quality of our hay is consistent throughout the entire roll.  We check our hay to assure consistent quality, moisture content, and absence of mildew.  Image on the right shows bale size.

To preserve quality Hettich Farms' hay is stored on concrete flooring in the barn.

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