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This heavy-duty 50” high gate features exterior side bracing and 2x4 6 gauge wire. E-Coated coated wire keeps horses and small livestock safely inside allowing no catch points. Frame and braces are made from 1-3/4” tube that has been protected from the elements by E-Coat. It comes complete with hinges, hinge pins and 22” snap chain. This gate features a superior E-Coat blue finish to ensure longer life in the field and is available in lengths from 4’ to 16’.

2x4 Wire-Filled Gate
Length Braces Weight Item No.
4 ft. 0 23 lbs. WFGB4
6 ft. 0 31 lbs. WFGB6
8 ft. 1 42 lbs. WFGB8
10 ft. 1 51 lbs. WFGB10
12 ft. 1 60 lbs. WFGB12
14 ft. 2 71 lbs. WFGB14
16 ft. 2 80 lbs. WFGB16

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