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From the beginning of time Mother Nature has provided man with shelter, protection, and tools from her natural resources of stone. Today we enjoy natural stones and boulders in many practical ,cost efficient, environmentally friendly ways.

Natural stone is a wonderful alternative to unsightly ,costly concrete.  The number of applications that utilize boulders and stones are limited only by your imagination.

Hettich Farm's boulders and natural stone are priced by the pound or ton. We currently have about 150 tons in inventory.

Proof that we grow 'em bigger in Texas. 
Check out this huge rock removed from near our property.

Click on image for larger view
You can use stones and boulders for many purposes including:

Local boulders were put to good use creating this lovely waterfall and stream in Coleman Park in Sulphur Springs Texas.

  • Retaining Walls
  • Rock Gardens
  • Visually Attractive Terracing
  • Lining Roads & Driveways
  • Natural Swimming Pools
  • Water Gardens
  • Waterfalls
  • Natural Benches
  • Business Signs & Advertisement
  • Playground Applications
  • Business & Residential Landscaping
  • Erosion Prevention & Control
  • Landscape Focal Points
  • Garden Walkways & Steps
  • Pathway Liners
  • Patios
  • Traffic Control
  • Dry Creek Bed Liners
  • Natural Headstones & Memorial Markers
  • Barricades
  • Dry Stack Stone Walls

  • Call or email us today for more information and to order your stone from Hettich Farms.

    An example of one of the large
    flint boulders in our inventory.

    Stone retaining walls add natural
    beauty to any landscape.

    Part of our flint boulder inventory.

    Natural stone can be utilized for business advertising and promotion.

    The stone banks of this streambed are the perfect solution for soil retention and erosion control.

    This attractive dry streambed
    is part of an erosion control
    system in this landscape.

    Flint boulders line the roadway in
    Coleman Park. The stone adds natural
    beauty and controls traffic flow in
    the Sulphur Springs Texas park.

    Natural stonework lends a natural
    feel to swimming pools.

    Here stones have been used as focal points and steps ascending Imagination Mountain in Sulphur Springs' Coleman Park.

    Natural stone retaining walls frame the stone steps leading to an attractive home.

    Stone boulders are used as natural cemetery markers, memorials, and cremain markers.

    This image shows a lovely rock garden which is the focal point of this home's landscape.

    An application of stone keeps traffic where you want it while
    pointing the way to the desired destination.

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