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Hettich Farms.  Land for Sale in Sulphur Springs & Hopkins County Texas
Hettich Farms.  Sulphur Springs TX.  Landscape Boulders.  One & Two Man Flint Boulders.
Hettich Farms.  Sulphur Springs Texas.  Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, & Other Livestock For Sale
Hettich Farms.  Cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock for sale
Hettich Farms.  Sulphur Springs Texas.  Tubular Steel Gates & Pens For Horses & Other Livestock.  Pasture Gates.  Corrals.
Hettich Farms 55 gallon metal barrels or 55 gallon metal drums.  Other sizes also available.
Tools, fencing supplies, landscape timbers, fencing poles, and other miscellaneous items for sale
Hettich Farms - Hay For Sale - Coastal Bermuda, Rye Grass.  Round Bales. Shipping Available Throughout the United States.  Sulphur Springs Texas
Hettich Farms.  For Sale - Tractors, Farm Implements, Livestock & Horse Trailers, Equipment.  Sulphur Springs Texas
Hettich Farms.  Horse, Stock, & Utilitiy Trailers
About Hettich Farms.  Sulphur Springs TX


We are the Hettichs, Harrell, Jana, Billy and Katie. Welcome to our farm's website.

Hettich Farms is located in northeast Texas in Hopkins County, Our farm is near, the Hopkins County seat of Sulphur Springs. Our Family settled in the north part of the county near the Peerless community in the late 1880s. The generous rainfall, rich and diversified soils of Hopinks County brought our family from Johnson County near Cleburne. Now here in Hopkins County our children are proud to be apart of agriculture of 5 generations.

We started hay production in 1997 where coastal bermuda, common bermuda, bahia, prairie grass, and rye grass are grown for hay. We usually begin cutting hay the last week of April, weather permitting.

We believe in treating others as we would want to be treated. This means that you can be assured that we will not sell a single roll of hay that we would not feed our own livestock.

It is our goal to provide hay to our customers at the very best quality and the very lowest price possible. We have found that the best way to do this is to sell the hay out of the hay meadow, behind the hay baler. This eliminates handling the hay multiple times, which allows you, the customer, to receive hay that retains it's tightness, quality, and density. In turn this gives us the opportunity to give you the best quality hay and best price available.

We also sell our own "farm raised" one and two man landscape boulders. At first we thought these red boulders were an impediment. But further study has brought us to appreciate these formations for the individualism and beauty of each one. We decided to offer these unique boulders to others so that they could use and enjoy nature's gifts also. From our new found appreciation another business was launched. Our boulders serve many purposes including water falls and focal points in fish ponds and water gardens, foundation stones for waterfalls in water gardens and natural swimming pools, landscape focal points, retaining walls, as part of a layout for erosion prevention and control, liners for creeks and streams, barricades for traffic control, liners for driveways and raised landscape beds, lining rocks for pathways, garden walkways, and patios, foundation rocks for dry creek beds, natural benches, rock gardens, and more. Ideas for the use of these lovely red rocks is only limited by the imagination of the landscape designer.

Other aspects of our business include sales of registered and unregistered American Quarter Horses, cow calf pairs and natural grass fed locker calves. We also sell tractors, horse and stock trailers, and other farm equipment.

Feel free to call or email us. We will be happy to talk with you about any aspect of our business and look forward to helping you with any of your hay, rock, or other needs we can help fill.

Thanks for visiting our website.

The Hettich Family

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